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It's Not That Punny!

Have you ever had a friend who would run up to you and utter the most useless one liner that you have ever heard in your life. Have you ever had a friend who would then get beaten up and walk around in crutches for the rest of his life explaining that the whole situation is a LAME joke (get it since he cannot walk). More importantly do you desire a friend who like this. Stop looking at porn and other random sites, come here and enjoy the shadiest one liners put together in the form of horrendous stories. Yell your lungs out, smash your computer screen, pee on your younger brother, do what the hell you want to remove your anger… or you can occasionally give out a small giggle. Come on laugh a little. This is my Pun-ishment, I am a Pun-dit of sad jokes and I am forced to make your laugh or on that note yell out sweetly..”Man, It’s Not That Punny!”



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