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The Terminal-ator

The Airhostess fidgeted with her skirt. She looked around the war ravaged airfield and sighed. The year was 2050, and the machines had begun to rise up against mankind. The fate of the human population lay in the hand of one robot. He was a Terminator. He was going to be sent back in time to protect John Connor.
“Take the row to the left please” she said as the first passenger entered the plane.

She had been an air hostess with the Time Travel Plane Company for the past 20 years, and this was her final job.

He finally arrived. Tall and brawny with a  chiseled face that looked a lot like Arnold Shwarzenegger.  He spoke in a weird incomprehensible accent. After realizing she did not understand him, he handed her his boarding pass.

She looked at it and raised her hands to give directions.

“Your seat sir is… Aisle B Back” she said.

He smiled.

That joke was so funny that my brain spazzed out. I totally recall laughing at it.



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