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What a sick thing to say.

A long time ago when medicines were scarce, people would constantly succumb to the most minor diseases. It was during this time that the Black Plague affected the world and killed people by the millions. Of all the diseases, the Black Plague was the worst, because it would first steal from your house and then kill you.

Eventually the plague left the planet never to be seen again. Everyone knew that one day the plague would return but nobody knew from where.

This brings us to the modern time. The year is 2012. Doctor Igor Hyde realized that there was a way to create diseases from absolutely nothing. He took the original cell samples of the rats that carried the black plague and engineered his own virus.

It was during the Annual Mad Scientists conference when he unveiled his creation to his peers. Unfortunately for him, they all got terribly angry with the fact that he had copied the virus. He was labelled unoriginal, pathetic and also quite cute (the last one was from Dr. Pink, the scientist who had proved that homosexuality was a disease and self tested it)

Eventually Dr. Igor was banned and infected with his own virus for not being original.

Moral of the story: Never copy a virus it results in Plague-arism.

That joke was so funny that it made me dance with a skeleton who likes violins. Unfortunately he tried to bone me but he had no guts.


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