Who Am I?

A site with one liners that kill more people than cancer does. Read the jokes and blisfully enjoy the sadness of the jokes. I also put biscuits in your computers everyday. They are called Cookies.

I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. That hurt. I have a very shady sense of humour and I think my survival is crucial to this planet, for when 2012 arrives and a giant meteor is coming towards Earth, I will put up a laser sign exclaiming Meteor-Rite and hopefully the uneducated rock will take a right turn and hit some aliens. Earth will be saved and I will be their hero.

Nations will celebrate in my name and this planet will itself be known at Pun-kaj. Gone are the days of full fledged stories with no real endings. Here are shady stories filled with words. Total Wordplay. Sometimes 4 words put together.Total Foreplay.

LOL,ROFL,LMAO,DEV ANAND all you want. You know It’s Not That Punny… but who cares!


2 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. Time to scrap off the meteor-rite bit. 2013 is almost here Punesar!

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