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Some More One Liners

Did you hear about the pencil that played in a Band?
It was the LEAD Guitarist.

What games do Chinese people play in Libraries?
Follow the Reader.

How were Hitler’s shoes always Black?
He loved the POLISH.

If someone dances on peoples opinions is he considered as a POLL Dancer?

I want to name my daughter Emergency. So that when I run out of signal on my phone, she can call only.

What sort of a bird sells pirated cd’s on the road?

A Hawk-er.




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One Liners

Q. Which horror movie will a cow watch?

A. A Dairy Movie.


Q. What do you call a magical ship?

A. A ferry.


Q.What did the liver require to communicate with other body organs?

A. Mo-Bile.


Q. How do boobs know about current situations?

A. They keep A-Breast.


Q. Did you hear about the african man who had his legs amputated and had his knee replaced using stem cells?

A. Yeah it was called a Knee-Grow.


Q. Whats the similarity between the above joke and an atheltics meet?

A. They both are Race-ist. (this was horrible!)


Q. Did you hear about the About brothers?

A. Yeah, they had A-bout.


I ROFL'd so hard I became retarded.

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