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The Many Types of Jokes

santa ate chicken nuggets last night- non-veg joke
santa fell in mud while playing kho kho- dirty joke
santa does not have any money – poor joke
santa is depressed as his wife died – sad joke
santa fell of a train and is now handicapped-lame joke
santa is growing white hair and is wrinkling- old joke



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Amar Singh’s Actual Sex Tapes

Amar: Hey sexy.

Bipasha: Hey random fellow.

Amar: Don’t act like you do not know me.

Bipasha: I don’t act anyways.

Amar: I know that is why I called you baby.

Bipasha: You sound seductive, would you want to do Dostana with me?

Amar: Can we do Sextana?

Bipasha: You are a very kinky person. So tell me when are you meeting me?

Amar: Can’t we do this on the phone only. Because I am turned on just now.

Bipasha: Ok, what are you wearing just now?

Amar: I am wearing a kurta pajama and a vest. What are you wearing?

Bipasha: I am wearing nothing.

Amar: Oh yeah that is how I like it. I like nanga women.

Bipasha: Tell me some dirty things.

Amar: Politics.

Bipasha: Oh yeah that is very dirty.

Amar: Mimoh Chakraborty.

Bipasha: You get dirtier by the minute.

Amar: Cheating on Amitabh.

Bipasha: Oh yeah that is super dir….wait what?

Amar: Come on Jaya don’t act innocent.

Bipasha: Who the hell is Jaya?

Amar: Oh so someone is into role-play and all? I like where this is going. Interrogate me more.

Bipasha: Who the hell is this?

Amar: This is Amar Singh.

Bipasha: Ok this is akward.

Amar: What happened Jaya?

Bipasha: This is Bipasha.

Amar: Uh teri Ma ki. Looks like I have dialed the wrong number again. He he.

Bipasha: Yes you creep. Oh this is very weird.

Amar: Yup.

Bipasha: So….

Amar: You want to just forget about this. Think that it never ever happened. Just some innocent mistake like Tushar Kapoors birth?

Bipasha: Yeah. I was never into balding old men anyways.

Amar: Let us just leave it at that.

Bipasha: Cool.

Amar: You still want to know what I am wearing?


The conversation ended here with the Emotional Atyachar team breaking down Amar Singh’s house and ensuring they get enough footage of Amitabh Bacchan slapping his boyfriend who cheated on him with many different women.The TRP ratings of that show skyrocketed after that.

The couple then made out and took turns to seduce Ajay Devgan.



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